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Super Radical Gag Family 浦安鉄筋家族

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Super Radical Gag Family was the only manga that i picked up on a weekly basis while I lived in Japan. I absolutely loved it because it contained so much poo, snot and vomit in each installment (I love poo. In fact, my comic in Beef Knuckles #2 is about a time I was constipated as a kid).

Anyway, here are some shots from it.

It starts off with the two Osawagi children bumping in to some ‘friends’ who invite them over to play at their house. At first they refuse because they are terrified of their friend’s older sister but are persuaded to go when they find out that the sister is now in jail.

This is their house. Cue lots of visual toilet jokes. I love the bottom right corner!

“What is this house?!”. “Don’t shit right next to the kitchen!” “It stinks like shit!”

Anyway, they watch tv and discover the older sister has escaped from jail an hour earlier.

Everyone freaks out. “She’s going to come back here!” “You have to help us!”

More freaking out.

Anyway, they all run away but the jailbird sister is able to find them because the father has left a trail of toilet paper.

The sister goes crazy, starts beating everyone up, until one of them throws a small ume boshi (pickled plum) and hits her right between the eyes. This paralyses her and they dress her up as Colonel Sanders and leave her in front of their local KFC (well BFC).

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The Covers Are Done

Posted in Uncategorized by Dice on September 28, 2009

Hey! So I spent all Sunday screen printing our covers and I think they look great! To screen them I used a thing called a Print Gocco (プリントゴッコ) which is a self contained screen prining unit that I bought in Japan. The whole thing burns your screens and prints it with the special Gocco inks. This is what it looks like:
I made 110 covers and soon there wasn’t any more floor space to dry them on.

Summershine, what a way to find…

Posted in Uncategorized by roburt on September 22, 2009

Please excuse this brief nerd out. I was in Shibuya just a few weeks ago. It’s a magical place. I took a quick peek through the 100 yen crates at Disk Union (the loser’s RecoFan) and pulled out a special lucky dip prize – a shrinkwrapped collection of about 22 original Summershine 7-inches. Winner! Amongst the spoils were Honeybunch’s classic “Walking Into Walls” b/w “Mine Your Own Business”, Velocity Girl’s early cruncher “I Don’t Care If You Go” b/w “Not At All”, enough Sugargliders to make my record player cry, and a whole bunch of other willowy jangle that makes me wanna roadtrip to Prahran in the morning. They all smell like a mixture of Old Spice and cinnamon, so I know their last owner had class. I’d post a photo but a) I can’t be bothered, and b) who really gives a shit. So instead, here’s a really great video from The Desert Wolves that has absolutely nothing to do with this post, enjoy.

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Shepard Fairey at the Australian National Portrait Gallery

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When you think you of the National Portrait Gallery you might imagine dusty portairts of old parlimentaty figures and long forgotten sporting heros. Things seem to be changing.

From 18 September the NPG will be exhibiting a collection Shepard Fairey’s poster art portraits.

Shepard Fairey is best known for his iconic poster Obama/Hope which he made in support of Barack Obama for the 2008 US election. Fairey was already known for his independent politics and his striking street posters and sticker campaigns that took his images to the street.

Check it out at the National Portrait Gallery, King Edward Terrace, Canberra, A.C.T. My dad curated the show.

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Beef Knuckles issue #2 coming soon

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Cover for issue 2. Yes, it's green.

Cover for issue 2. Yes, it's green.

Ok. I think we have the new cover figured. Hope you kids like.
Beef Knuckles #2 coming soon.

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A hat refuses to die.

Posted in Uncategorized by roburt on September 17, 2009

Earlier this week saw the NBA Hall of Fame inductions of Michael Jordan, John Stockton and David Robinson, three icons of ’90s hoops. The trio were worthy selections for a number of different reasons: Jordan, for being the all-time greatest and baldest; Robinson, for scoring 71 points in the only exciting game in Spurs history; and Stockton, for having the same tidy haircut for over 40 years.

Haircuts! Yeah!

Haircuts! Yeah!

They were all cool dudes and I probably had posters of them all over my wall when I was about 10 years old (note: I didn’t), but these following forgotten legends are the true Hall of Famers of my heart.

1: Cedric Ceballos


Growing up, I loved Cedric for so many reasons: 1) His last name almost meant “onions” in Spanish. 2) He was FAT! 3) He always talked about how much he looooved music. 4) He cheated his way to a Slam Dunk title with a really lame gimmick. 5) He rapped on a G-funk classic with Warren G.

2: Kendall Gill

Kendall Anybody who loved ’90s hoops loved Kendall Gill. That’s a fact I just made up, but it sounds true. He just seemed like a nice guy, plus any guy who scores around 15 points a game commands respect. His stats say he averaged over 20 ppg in the ’91-’92 and ’96-’97 seasons, but I don’t remember him ever scoring more than 15 points. 15 points is a good number – a commendable contribution if he’s playing on your team and not enough to make you angry if he’s playing on the other team.

3: Walt Williams


Walt Williams was the most dapper of ’90s basketball players. With his knee-high socks, beatnik beard, slim physique and graceful moves, he looked like he’d stepped straight out of a classic Blue Note record sleeve. Unfortunately, his teammates always sucked nuts so he hardly ever won a game. He also made a nice cameo in the cheerful video to Hootie & the Blowfish’s “I Only Wanna Be With You”.

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Electric Ant #1

Posted in Uncategorized by Dice on September 9, 2009

A few weeks ago I purchased three copies of Electric Ant – a zine Bryn described as “everything Beef Knuckles wants to be”. And then when I emailed Ryan (the guy behind Electric Ant) pdf’s of Beef Knuckles he wrote back with a really great compliment: “it seems like we have the same ideas of what types of different articles/features make a cool magazine”. What a nice compliment! Definitely the nicest we’ve got from someone.
Anyway, here are some photos I’ve taken from my favourite parts of the zine. There is also see a whole preview of it on the Electric Ant site aswell.
Oh and Ryan has agreed to do an interview for us for Beef Knuckles #2! Awesome!

The page below is by far my favourite page in the zine. It was drawn by Jenn Yinn and in an email Ryan told me “My friend Jenn draws a lot but doesn’t share stuff, so it was a coup to get her to let me publish her Shredder. It’s one of my favorite pieces too!”.
In case you missed it the first time.

The theme of the zine is ‘Your First Kiss’ and features some stories and comics about just that. This is the title page to Ryan’s comic, illustrated by the super talented Hellen Jo.

The feature comic is a 13 page piece called Love Entity and is drawn and written by Shunga. Here’s a cool panel from it.

Cool. This should be fun.

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Looks like it works. Honestly, I’ve never used a blog before?

My comic is going well. I’ll post it up soon!

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Hello Bryn and Rob

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Yo Bryn and Rob,
This is our Beef Knuckles blog. What do you guys reckon? If one of us does a post every week then we only need to personally do one every three weeks! Anyway, here’s a screen grab from Mystery Train.

Oh yeah, so this is just a default design but I’ll design a cool one later and we can use that. Oh, and if you want to upload images they need to be 720px in width. If you need a hand I can show you how to do all the techie stuff like uploading images and formatting text.



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