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Summershine, what a way to find…

Posted in Uncategorized by roburt on September 22, 2009

Please excuse this brief nerd out. I was in Shibuya just a few weeks ago. It’s a magical place. I took a quick peek through the 100 yen crates at Disk Union (the loser’s RecoFan) and pulled out a special lucky dip prize – a shrinkwrapped collection of about 22 original Summershine 7-inches. Winner! Amongst the spoils were Honeybunch’s classic “Walking Into Walls” b/w “Mine Your Own Business”, Velocity Girl’s early cruncher “I Don’t Care If You Go” b/w “Not At All”, enough Sugargliders to make my record player cry, and a whole bunch of other willowy jangle that makes me wanna roadtrip to Prahran in the morning. They all smell like a mixture of Old Spice and cinnamon, so I know their last owner had class. I’d post a photo but a) I can’t be bothered, and b) who really gives a shit. So instead, here’s a really great video from The Desert Wolves that has absolutely nothing to do with this post, enjoy.

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