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Super Radical Gag Family 浦安鉄筋家族

Posted in Uncategorized by Dice on September 30, 2009

Super Radical Gag Family was the only manga that i picked up on a weekly basis while I lived in Japan. I absolutely loved it because it contained so much poo, snot and vomit in each installment (I love poo. In fact, my comic in Beef Knuckles #2 is about a time I was constipated as a kid).

Anyway, here are some shots from it.

It starts off with the two Osawagi children bumping in to some ‘friends’ who invite them over to play at their house. At first they refuse because they are terrified of their friend’s older sister but are persuaded to go when they find out that the sister is now in jail.

This is their house. Cue lots of visual toilet jokes. I love the bottom right corner!

“What is this house?!”. “Don’t shit right next to the kitchen!” “It stinks like shit!”

Anyway, they watch tv and discover the older sister has escaped from jail an hour earlier.

Everyone freaks out. “She’s going to come back here!” “You have to help us!”

More freaking out.

Anyway, they all run away but the jailbird sister is able to find them because the father has left a trail of toilet paper.

The sister goes crazy, starts beating everyone up, until one of them throws a small ume boshi (pickled plum) and hits her right between the eyes. This paralyses her and they dress her up as Colonel Sanders and leave her in front of their local KFC (well BFC).

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