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Extroverted Nerds

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Apparently the guy who played Doogie Howser loves magic and he once described magicians as a rare breed cause it requires being an ‘extroverted nerd’. My friend Nicole told me that’s a good way to describe me. Anyway, here are my 5 favourite magicians of all time.

1. Ricky Jay
This dude is so nerdy that not only does he collect rare books (man that’s geekier than owning Action Comics #1) but he made sure that his own books become rare collector’s items. A first edition of his book Cards As Weapons is currently on ebay for $399!

Anyway, his best recorded performance is Ricky Jay And His 52 Assistants. Check out an excerpt below.

2. Derren Brown
Derren Brown is my favourite mentalist and his books on mentalism are great. There is a great chapter in Tricks Of The Mind where he tells magicians not to be dickheads when they do a trick. You know that look that magicians get when they do the reveal – the one that goes “Ha! I tricked you! You’re an idiot”. Well, he says don’t do it.

He’s also super in to debunking psychics and religion. If you get a chance hunt down his performance Evening Of Wonders. It is amazing. The first half is fun and the second half becomes really spooky.

This video is him performing some basic mentalist standards (Evening of Wonders is alot better!).

3. Penn and Teller
Everyone knows Penn and Teller. But did you know that they once made a Sega CD game but never sold? And in the game you had to drive a bus from Tuscon, Arizona to Las Vegas IN REAL TIME! That’s an 8 hour drive! And also, the bus veered slightly to the right so you always had to hold the controller! Here’s Penn talking about it on an interview I found here:

“It was just road after road after road. Eight hours of desert bus. And then when you got in – and I love this – when you got into Vegas and pulled in and stopped, the counter – which was five zeros – went to 1. You got 1 point for an eight hour shift, and then a guy came in and said, ‘Do you want to pull a double shift, Mac?’ And then you could drive back to Tucson for another eight hours for another point.”

Apparently you can find roms of the game online.

4. Fred Kaps
The greatest sleight of hand magician EVER! He’s probably most famous for being the poor dude who had to come on before the Beatles made their legendary appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Anyway, here’s the performance he did on the show – doing the Homing Card (it looks better in colour unfortunately) and Salt Shaker routines. I’ve also put in The Beatles performance that followed his, cause, you know, I’m nice like that.

5. James Randi
James Randi WILL GIVE YOU ONE MILLION BUCKS if you can prove that you are a psychic.

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I just found this on YouTube. Emo Phillips, all-time great weirdo.

Shoot the Tre

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We had had a great time in Newcastle, at the TINA zine fair last weekend.  Rad day, even if the weather wasn’t so good.  Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of Beef Knuckles #2.

Here’s an expert from the new Beef.