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Zine Distro in Australia

Posted in Uncategorized by Dice on June 7, 2010

Hey guys. I don’t really know that many zine distros in Australia but here are some that I’ve discovered over the years.

Take Care:
Emma and Tim are super rad and their online zine distro, Take Care, is super rad too. They always come up to say hi at fairs or shows which is really nice. Send them some zines and buy some stuff off them!

Bird In Hand:
My friend Pat is from Newcastle and he said that Newcastle is dying from the inside out as big malls get built in the outer suburbs which means that streets like Hunter St and King St have heaps of empty shopfronts. Anyway, Bird In Hand were able to secure one of the shopfronts as part of Renew Newcastle. You should check them out and send them some zines! | 100a King Street, Newcastle

Sticky Institute:
Sticky were the first ever shop to ask for Beef Knuckles!! They live underground, beneath Flinders St Station in Melbourne and they put on amazing events like The Festival Of The Photocopier. On a side note, here is Hon’s Guide to Melbourne! You never have to leave Elizabeth St!
1. Start at Flinders St Station and visit Sticky. Buy some zines and drop off some of your own.
2. Cross the street and walk up Elizabeth. Buy some hot chips from Lord Of The Fries. Yum!
3. Walk up a block and head into Mag Nation. Use their wi-fi upstairs and stand around reading their mags.
4. Cross the street and buy Cool Runnings from JB Hi-Fi.
5. Go up the street and head into the magic shop. Ask the shop assistant to show you their two card monte routine. Amazing!
6. You’ve been on your feet for ages! Go next door and get a nice cold juice.
7. Walk up another few blocks and walk into Outre. Get angry at Shepard Fairey and marvel at their cool books on pinstriping.
8. Still on your feet? Walk up further and ask to take one of the motorbikes for a spin.
Phew, so that’s my guide to Melbourne. Isn’t Elizabeth St the best street in Australia?!
And back to Sticky, check them out! | Shop 10, Campbell Arcade, Melbourne

Red Eye Records:
Predominantly a record store but they also stock zines. I gave them my first ever zine about 10 years ago and I’m pretty certain that it’s still sitting there, unsold and collecting dust. | 66 King Street, Sydney 2000

Missing Link:
Missing Link is my favourite record store in Australia! If you’re in Melbourne check them out, buy some zines / albums / t-shirts and drop off some of your own! | Basement 405 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000

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