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Le Dernier Cri

Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on June 10, 2010

A few years ago, while visiting Berlin, I came a across a really great shop.  They had the most amazing zines and independent comics I’d ever come across!  They had stuff from all over the world.  I remember there werre quite a few comics in the store that shared a similar aestheic and content.  They were large format, entirely silk screened, bright, almost garish colours (often fleshy, errotic pinks, purples and neons) and were very expicit in what they depicted inside.  I loved their aesthetic straight away, although the explicitly sexual, often violent content didn’t do that much for me.  I bought one of these comics for my friend Eddie.  He  told me about its publisher, Le Dernier Cri.

Le Dernier Cri is a French underground publisher , specializes in silkscreen graphics, prints and comics. They were founded in 1992 by Pakito Bolino and Caroline Sury (another publishing duo like Speigelman and Mouly).  I guess I would describe what they publish as outsider art.  Le Dernier Cri don’t believe in censorship; a lot of what they print is highly explicit.

Although based in France, Le Dernier Cri publish work of underground or alternative comics artists from around the world.   In the store in Berlin I saw work from France, Germany and Japan.  Some of the artists published include Matthias Lehmann , Mike Diana , Caroline Sury , Henrietta Valium , Daisuke Ichiba , Matti Hagelberg , Stu Mead , Blexbolex , Quentin Faucompré , Moolinex , Charles Burns , Keita Ota , Reinhard Scheibner , Frederick Poincelet , Nuvish, The Brothers Guedin… seriously great stuff!

Here is the Le Dernier Cri blog

Although I can’t remember the name of the shop in Berlin, here are my vague directions.

There is a place called Hackescher Markt, in East Berlin.  There is a cinema at the fork of two roads, Rosenthaler strous and Oranienburger Strous.  Next to it is an alley way covered in graph and stencil art.  Wander down, you’ll see some cool 90s industrial robots.  At the end of the alley you’ll find the book shop, a gallery and a bar.  The bar was fitted out by the same people who made the robots (I think the artists are famous?).  It’s all industrial and sci fi inside, pretty weird.  I really recommend going to this shop if you’re in Berlin.

Here’s the approximate spot on the map…,13.402248&sspn=0.006295,0.006295&ie=UTF8&view=map&cid=11642630664490475241&ved=0CC8QpQY&hq=Sisley&hnear=&ll=52.523955,13.401899&spn=0.001407,0.004128&t=h&z=19&iwloc=A


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