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Chester Brown Week! Day 1

Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on July 12, 2010

Chester Brown is a Canadian born comic artist.  He began working independently in the late 80’s on his comic Yummy Fur.  His work is now published by Drawn and Quarterly. Beef Knuckles dig his comics so much that we’re having a week of Chester Brown.  His drawings are great and his comics are dark, humorous, absurd and sometimes quite moving.  Chester Brown rules.

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Here are panels from my favorite Chester Brown comic, possibly his best work (I just read on the wiki that Time magazine chose it as one of the 10 best graphic novels ever written!) and certainly his funniest, Ed the Happy Clown.   Ed the Happy Clown was originally a strip that featured in Brown’s comic Yummy Fur.  It started out as a mini comic, then was developed into a fully fledged story.  Brown did not plan the story from the beginning, he made it up as he went along, issue by issue.  It reads like one giant stream of consciousness, but it’s great, trust me.  The way Brown is able to tie seemingly unrelated side stories, like the man who couldn’t stop or the the mating rituals of the male giant squid,  into the main story is genius!  Inside Ed the Happy Clown you will find; Frankenstein, a city overrun with cannibal Pygmys, Vampires, alternate dimensions, a talking penis with the head of Ronald Reagan and dark Christian Symbolism.  And then there’s Ed, our hero, who stumbles through the whole mess.  This is possibly my favorite comic of all time!

Panels from the original mini comic

Panels from the original mini comic

One of the greatest sequences in comic history

There are rumors that Ed the Happy clown will be turned into a movie sometime this year.  Apparently the director wants to use stop motion animation!  I hope they do it justice.


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  1. Dice said, on July 12, 2010 at 11:56 am


  2. […] is Brown’s third graphic novel.  This is a great comic, and comes a very close second to Ed the Happy Clown as my favorite Chester Brown book.  Like The Playboy, it’s an autobiographical comic.  […]

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