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Chester Brown Week! Day 2

Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on July 13, 2010

Chester Brown is a Canadian born comic artist.  He began working independently in the late 80′s on his comic Yummy Fur.  His work is now published by Drawn and Quarterly. Beef Knuckles dig his comics so much that we’re having a week of Chester Brown.  His drawings are great and his comics are dark, humorous, absurd and sometimes quite moving.  Chester Brown rules.

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Here are panels from Yummy Fur issue 20 (1990).  Yummy Fur is Chester Brown’s first comic series, published by the now defunct Toronto based publisher, Vortex Comics (82 – 94).   After completing Ed the Happy Clown, Brown began a string of autobiographical strips.  I really like this period of his work (even though I tend to agree with Johnny Ryan’s take on autobiographical comics, see comic below).  These strips are great for comic artist trainspotting;  Seth turns up in this issue.

Yummy Fur also had Brown’s longest running series inside, his adaptations of christian gospel stories.  They depict a warts and all take on these religious tales.  I don’t think they’ve been reprinted.  I hope that changes, they’re really good.



Bonus Johnny Ryan strip


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  1. Eddie said, on July 15, 2010 at 8:15 am

    I should have pinched your copy of yummy fur when I had the chance. Run that shit!

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