Beef Knuckles

Chester Brown Week! Day 3

Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on July 14, 2010

Chester Brown is a Canadian born comic artist.  He began working independently in the late 80′s on his comic Yummy Fur.  His work is now published by Drawn and Quarterly. Beef Knuckles dig his comics so much that we’re having a week of Chester Brown.  His drawings are great and his comics are dark, humorous, absurd and sometimes quite moving.  Chester Brown rules.

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The Playboy, originally published in 1992 by Drawn & Quarterly, was Brown’s second graphic novel.  It’s a continuation of his autobiographical work.  It shows how pornography effected Brown as a child in a very religious family to the present, as an adult.  It’s an ok read, but it is probably my least favorite Chester brown comic.  I think it’s the story that I’m not so fond of,  because the art in The Playboy is great.  Brown’s lines are very loose and confident, and his panels are drawn slightly larger than his other books which gives his compositions more room to breath. The panels are framed by entirely black pages, which is unusual.  All in all they look great!


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