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Chester Brown Week!… er, Weeks! Day 6

Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on August 5, 2010

Chester Brown is a Canadian born comic artist. He began working independently in the late 80′s on his comic Yummy Fur. His work is now published by Drawn and Quarterly. Beef Knuckles dig his comics so much that we’re having a week of Chester Brown. His drawings are great and his comics are dark, humorous, absurd and sometimes quite moving. Chester Brown rules.

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So Chester Brown Week came and went… or did it.  As I mentioned in my last Chester Brown post ‘I meant to write a post on The Little Man, Chester Brown’s next book, a collection of short works from the 80s to the 90s, but Hon has my copy’.  Hon still has my copy, but he sent through some pictures.  So here is the final Chester Brown Week post.

The Little Man: Short Strips 1980 – 1995  is a great collection of Browns work.  It gives you a taste of Brown’s comics before Ed the Happy Clown (including a strip Brown did when he was 12), and the stages in between Ed and his autobiographical work published in Yummy Fur.  There are plenty of hilariously absurd toilet humor jokes in here, as well as more sincere, personal moments that Brown is so good at depicting.  It’s nice to see his style develop through the pages of this book.  I found the back cover especially amusing.  Where other books might have a blurb, or a favorable review, Brown has worked both into comic form with a bit of self deprecating humour with great results.

That’s it for Chester Brown Week Weeks.  Rumor has it, Chester’s next book will be about his relationship with prostitutes(?!).  I’ll keep you posted on when it’s due for release.  No date has been set so far.

You can get Chester Brown’s comics from the Drawn & Quarterly website.


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