Beef Knuckles


Posted in Uncategorized by Dice on October 20, 2010

I mentioned For Absolute Beginners before but this time it’s to tell you that Sarah has invited us to contribute our three favourite books. Here are Robbie’s selection and here are mine.


Hellen Jo

Posted in Uncategorized by Dice on October 12, 2010

Last year some time Hellen Jo was offering to do commission pieces. The offer didn’t last long so I was super lucky to grab a piece. I told her that I liked “Japan, ghosts, monsters, not-creepy school girls, and Cool Runnings”. Check out below to see what I got. Anyway, I mention this because she has posted the entire first issue of her comic Jin & Jam online for all of us to read. It’s really great and totally worth the $5 to own it in print.

Newspaper Club

Posted in Uncategorized by Dice on October 6, 2010

Do you guys know about Newspaper Club? They’re an amazing service from the UK that prints 12 page tabloid-sized newspapers for you. And they’re cheap! Check out their Australian prices (which include delivery) here. They print once a week (every Tuesday) and you get your papers within two weeks. Here are some shots of jobs they’ve done which I’ve stolen them from their Flickr group.

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