Beef Knuckles


Posted in Uncategorized by roburt on November 19, 2010

Here’s a link to a great interview with Charles Burns over at the AV Club (well, I’m assuming it’s great – it’s really long so I haven’t read it yet). He’s discussing his new book, X’ed Out. That cover seems to directly reference my very favourite Tintin book (The Shooting Star; 1942). Mushrooms, cool.


Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on November 7, 2010

Yo yo!  Long time between blog posts, so here’s a quick one.  There’s a great opening this Wednesday 10th at First Draft Gallery, Surry Hills.  The show is called Double Glazed and some of my work is in it!  It’s put on by out very talented friends at Even Books.  The shows theme is Twins/Doppelgangers.  Several visual artists and writers responded to the theme, then swapped their pieces (a writer with a visual artist and vice versa) and responded to the responses, it’s a fun idea for a show.  Peep the web link for more detes.  Opening 6 – 8pm.