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Spotting Deer by Michael DeForge

Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on January 21, 2011

DeForge can do no wrong!  Dude has been one to watch for a while, but he is really hitting stride now.  Spotting Deer is his most recent comic.  It reads like a presentation on the elusive Spotting Deer, which is actually a kind of terrestrial slug.

The Spotting Deer is morose creature, prone to anxiety.  The book describes its habits, diet, mating rituals and place in popular culture.  And it’s funny.  Learning that Spotting Deer have the same social anxieties that I do made me laugh.

DeForges art is great!  His line work nods to classic comic strip art, though the style is his own.  I really like the design of each panel and his use of texture and colour throughout the book.  Big ups to Koyama Press,  they keep on making attractive books!

You can get Spotting Deer at DeForge’s site.

I’m really looking forward to Loose 3 and Root Rot.


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