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Zines I Done Purchased

Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on January 27, 2011

So I bought a few more zines recently.  These two are from Nobrow press.  These guys are really pushing design in their publications; they look great.

First book is Clayton Junior’s Temporama.

Temporama takes place in a city where, like any concrete jungle, technology favours the privileged, and nature is quarantined like a virus. A silent picture story told during one night of primal urges and strange happenings, Temporama is a beautifully simple tale told in Clayton’s trademark bold graphic style. – Nobrow

Honestly i bought this as reference for making animations!  I picked this one up because of it’s amazing use of light and colour;  Clayton coveys mood so well with his use of colour.  Consequently, Temporama feels very cinematic, there is a real sense of space, time and movement in Clyton’s brushy drawings.



Next up is Ben Newman’s Ouroboros.

Inspired by the mythical serpent Ouroboros, Ben Newman takes the reader on a tale of action and adventure that juxtaposes brutal violence with ecstatic comic exuberance, where our protagonist fights a band of rogue, thuggish, drug peddling perverts after they murder his newly beloved mermaid. – Nobrow

Again, I bought this as reference for doing cut outs. I like the limited colour pallet and bold art style.  Cute story, but it’s all about the style really.


You can get these books directly from the Nobrow site.


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