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MCA Zine Fair 2011 Wrap Up pt2.

Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on May 27, 2011

I have to say that the Zine fair, although it was busy, wasn’t as busy as last year.  I think Primavera was on at the MCA at the same time last year.  Still, it was an awesome turnout, the MCA Zine Fair is still the best fair in Australia in my opinion.

I didnt get to buy as much as I wanted, but I did pick up a few great zines.  I got two zines from a friend of mine, Jin Hien Lau, Mufty Days #2 and Major Look #1.  Dude has has much talent and hilarious zines.  His drawings are excellent, they have a brushy quality to them that i dig.  His humor is a mixture of poop jokes and Rozanne Arnold.

Jin Hien Lau's Mufty Days #2 and Major Look#1

Major Look #1 is a collection of Jin’s drawings.  The cover is especially great, it has Major Payne talking to some kids, one with a glass jar with eyeballs and a spine for a head. Some great illos inside!

Major Look #1

Mufty Days #2 is a collection of comics.  This one is my favourite.  There’s a great mix of comics in here, some are autobiographical and some are just absurd, all of them are LOL worthy.  If you’re the kind of person that likes internet meme jokes, you’ll love this.  Trust me, its gold.  Best zine of the fair!

One of Jin's autobiographical comics from Mufty Days #2

We sat next to a really nice dude called Craig at the fair.  He had a great stall and it was really popular! He’s one part of Art Park, which is an artist residence in Byron Bay (me and Hon cameo on their front page!).  They make clothes, zines and distribute zines, book and comics from overseas, as well as offering an artist residence.  Their threads are pretty sweet, check them out.

I bought a zine from Craig called Mould Map#1.  It’s a large format collection of art comics, printed in two colours, blue and fluorescent orange.  It’s from collective in London called Mould Map.

Its huge!

The pictures area great, and the big format is nice.  Most of the comics inside have a stream of consciousness kind of feel, or are like a section of a larger narrative.  All the comics inside are slightly skewed and weird.  It reminds me of stuff from from French publishers  Le Dernier Cri.

You can pick it up from The Art Park here.

More to come…


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  1. jin said, on May 28, 2011 at 2:05 am

    fucking sick ballsssssss

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