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The Golden Stapler Awards

Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on June 6, 2011

I’m not sure how I feel about giving out annual awards to zines. It feels a bit too industry. But then again, if it’s all for a bit of fun and an excuse for a party, they why not I guess. If you have a favourite zine from the past year or if you are a zinemaker yourself, throw in a nomination for The Golden Stapler Awards (and judging by that fantastic golden staple gif on the website, I doubt they’re taking themselves very seriously).

Here’s the rundown that’s been sent through:

“The first of June means there’s one month remaining to nominate your zine for this year’s Golden Stapler Awards.

In theory, that means you have a whole month left to make a zine for the sole purpose of being able to nominate it for such a glorious honour.

Alternatively, you may nominate any zine you’ve made in the 2010-2011 financial year, provided that zine was produced in Australia.

If you’ve already nominated your zine, thank you, you’ve already made the Golden Stapler Awards amazing by participating. The spreadsheet of nominations is impressive & you have to scroll down a bit to see them all. But there are still award-worthy Australian zines out there not being nominated. So this is why there’s gonna be reminder posts like this one leading up to the award ceremony at TINA.

This is just nominating, we’re not even up to the voting, O M G!


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