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More Auckland action

Posted in Uncategorized by Dice on July 4, 2013


Presence Zine has a great Q&A with the stallholders at this year’s Auckland Zine Fair. Can’t get over how great this chicken with eyeballs is.

Tell us a bit about what people can expect from your zines.
People seem to ask me ‘but what does it mean’? a lot, which is interesting and also sort of a compliment. Why do some people want everything explained to them? I’m trying to come up with a way to politely refuse to tell them without sounding like a jerk.

What’s your favourite part of self publishing?
Making something from start to finish is a pleasure- doing the drawings, organising paper stock, doing the printing, folding, binding, etc.

What’s your least favourite aspect of self publishing?
That sometimes I am more ambitious than my finances allow, and that can be really frustrating.

What other mediums are you inspired by and involved with?
I have drawings which don’t get made into zines, and I also have newly re-learned how to screen print.
Right now I’m focussing on how to work with colour and be a better draughtsperson, so I’m really into Aurel Schmidt’s intricate drawings, as well as the colour and composition of photography by Osma Harvilati and Sam Falls.

What are your thoughts on NZ’s DIY publishing scene?
Its interesting and diverse, but also quite small- which makes it exciting because I feel there is room to push boundaries without feeling self-conscious.


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