Beef Knuckles

Beef Knuckles Peeps

I’ve screwed up all my life. I stand to inherit my father’s hotel chain but I have to complete 12 grades of school in just two weeks! If I don’t, Eric, a company worker I despise, will take over the company but I’ve got the help of my attractive 3rd grade teach Veronica. Until then I’ll keep making Beef Knuckles.

Hi, I’m Rob. I like cats, basketball, pop songs, T-Pain, tea drops, rain drops, porcupines, flower festivals, comics about cats, blankets, Blankman, lamb chops, riddles, Garfield, clanging, television, beer bottles, dancing, bookshops, headphones. But not dancing.

Hi, I’m Dice but my real name is Hon. I don’t mind either one.
I’ve cried in some pretty funny films before, for example, Sister Act 2 (when Jamal sings Oh Happy Days) and in Cool Runnings (when Junior tells Yul to ‘never stop dreaming’). I’ve also cried in sad movies too, like Malcolm X and 火垂るの墓 (Grave Of The Fireflies).


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