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Man, it’s not a good sign when your

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Man, it’s not a good sign when your last post was from the 2012 MCA Zine Fair. Anyway, 2013’s was awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who bought and traded for a copy of Beef. It was great meeting everyone and seeing old friends.

We just managed to get BK#7 out which you can see up top. We sold out of our initial run of 50 but we’re going to do 150 more in the next week.

Also, we made a pact that we’re going to spend more time on this blog this year so please come back and visit! We’ll put out a post on all the zine swag we got on the weekend.



MCA Zine Fair 2011 Wrap Up

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“What a great weekend at the MCA Zine Fair! As usual, met lots of new friends as well as catching up with some old. Also bought and swapped a bunch of zines. Check out some shots I took of our stash (sorry for the photo quality – I took them on the train this morning).” – Hon

Our stall at the MCA Zine Fair

Half A Decade!

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We’ve been working hard to get Issue #5 out in time for the This Is Not Art Zine Fair which is being held in Newcastle on Oct 3. I haven’t seen Bryn for days, which means that he’s been hunched over his desk finishing up his comic. He’s told me that it features Godzilla, a giant pterodactyl (since when did this word have a ‘p’ in it?), the Beastie Boys and love. I’ve got the first page and it looks great! Check it out at the bottom of the post.

Robbie’s on deadline for his real job which is good for us because he’s been procrastinating by writing his Beef Knuckles stuff. He’s already sent me 1200 words about his favourite band La Casa Azul. And as usual I’m filling up my wallet with post-it to-do lists which make me worry every time I get my wallet out to buy a Wagon Wheel.

We’ve also got a whole bunch of other stuff coming out for this issue including a rather icy interview with Eddie Campbell and another Q&A with Anne Koyama from Koyama Press who we’ve featured on the blog before.

So check out the first page of Bryn’s comic below and also enjoy the vid of La Casa Azul’s track, ‘Como un Fan’.

And, if you guys are going to be at TINA come say hi! And if you aren’t able to get table space, let us know – I’m sure there’ll be space on ours for a few extra zines.

2010 Canberra Zine Fair Wrap Up

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We had a great time at the 2010 Canberra Zine Fair last month! There were so many people both in front and behind the stalls and nearly every single one of them was lovely. That night Bryn took us all to a house party and it was so cold there was frost on the outdoor furniture by midnight! Here’s the loot I bagged over the weekend.

Hello Goodbye
This was a great little zine which I bought for a friend. The watercolours in this were great! I’ve given it away so I’m not sure where to grab a copy. Maybe at the next zine fair?

Okay On Doomsday
This mini comic was done by Melbourne comic artist Ben Hutchings. It’s great! I really love his stuff and was stoked to get this from the Sticky Institute crew.

Paper Tattoo
This was my favourite zine from the whole fair! I bought this from a dapper dude who wore a nice hat all day. He was also at the same party we went to that night and he was still wearing the hat.

A pocket full of PRINCE
What a great little fanzine! I think you can grab a copy if you email them at littlebeatszines @

Velvet Goldmine
Another really nice zine! Apparently it was completed just 2 hours before the fair started but you can’t tell. They are no contact deets on it but maybe they’ll be at the next zine fair too?

So that’s it. That’s what I got from Canberra. Bryn got a whole bunch too so hopefully he’ll post up soon as well.


Beef Knuckles #4 is out!

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Hi! We’ve just finished up at the MCA Zine Fair and had a great time. Met up with lots of people and grabbed / swapped / bought a whole bunch of zines from great zine makers. We also launched Issue #4 of Beef Knuckles. As always, we handscreen printed each cover but this time we did two different colour schemes – a fluoro pink and a light blue. There’s only 100 of each colour. If you have a lazy $4 lying around why don’t you buy a copy? Drop us a line at:
hon.boey @
brynmail @
robmoran12345 @
and I’ll send one out! And don’t forget to tell us which colour cover you want.

Here is the list of contributors for this issue: Sam Hoh, Sam Thomas, MC Grammar (“it’s grammar time!”), Alison, Kate McCartney, AzzaMcKazza, DJ OG Costanza and Kell. Oh, and did I mention that we have an interview with Ian Haig, of !@#$% fame?

Sam Hoh

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Just a few more weeks till we release BK#4! And in it we were lucky enough to get Sam Hoh to bust some illustrations for us again. Here’s a picture she did for a Natas Kaupas interview we had planned but never materialised. It was too good to waste so we figure we’ll put it up here. They’re some tight lines!!! Check out her site here:

And here are the two pieces she did for our last issue. The first is a portrait for our Daniel Johnston interview, the second is my bedroom when I’m stoned.

2010 MCA Zine Fair

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We were lucky enough to book a stall at the 2010 MCA & Sydney Writers’ Festival Zine Fair (it booked out within 3 hours of the announcement!). It’s on Sunday 23 May, 11.00am – 5.00pm. We’ll be launching Beef Knuckles #4 so we hope to see you all there!!!

Look what we made!

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Have a look inside the latest issue of Beef Knuckles with this cool animated gif (it may take a while to load)! Thanks to dad for the use of his hands. Also, check out the About section to see inside the first two issues.

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Beef Knuckles #3!!!

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We’ve finished Beef Knuckles #3!!! And we’d really like you guys to read it! It’s got a hand screen printed cover as well as interviews with Daniel Johnston(!), comedian Eugene Mirman and the usual words and comics you found in #1 and #2.

If you’d like a copy, drop us a line – they’re only 4 bucks! We only made 107 (we wanted 110 but fucked up 3 covers).
hon.boey @
brynmail @
robmoran12345 @

Pat Grant

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We were lucky enough to get Pat Grant to contribute a comic to Beef Knuckles #2 and we’re trying to get him to send us stuff for #3 now. Anyway, check out his site – there’s some pretty great stuff on there.

Here’s the start to a comic he did about the Cronulla Riots in 2005. It formed part of his honours thesis. Read the whole thing here.

Here’s a shot from Lumpen #5, a comic Pat puts out semi-regularly. You can buy them here.

And here are some photos of himself he emailed me a few years ago when he went on a surf trip to Indonesia.