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Junot Diaz + Jamie Hernandez

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Damn! I bought This Is How You Lose Her last week and now they’re telling me that the new edition will feature a Jamie Hernandez illo for each short story. More over at EW.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Junot Diaz’s brilliant novel-in-stories centers on the now-iconic literary figure Yunior, a bed-hopping, reefer-smoking Dominican immigrant breaking hearts all over New Jersey. Each story delves into one of Yunior’s relationships, and now each of those stories is getting a stark yet sensuous artistic tribute from “Love and Rockets” artist Jaime Hernandez.


Daniel Clowes Reader Tumblr

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Check it out

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Bolton Blue

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Our buddy Pat Grant has been working on a graphic novel for nearly a year now and has put some pages online for us to marvel at. From his email that he sent around:

After working for about eleven months on my graphic novel. I have finally got something online for people to look at. It’s not finished, of course, but I have about 80 pages of penciled comics that I’ll be inking, colouring and posting onto the webpage at a rate of about three a week. I don’t really expect anyone to read through a whole graphic novel on the internet but the plan is to drum up a bit of interest online then release it as a book later this year. So if you’re interested in reading long stories online you can see the thing unfold as I draw it. If you’re like me and you couldn’t bear the though of reading a long comic on a computer then I suppose you can get a feel for things and wait for the book. It reads pretty well on an ipad for those well heeled and inclined toward early adoption.”

Hellen Jo

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Last year some time Hellen Jo was offering to do commission pieces. The offer didn’t last long so I was super lucky to grab a piece. I told her that I liked “Japan, ghosts, monsters, not-creepy school girls, and Cool Runnings”. Check out below to see what I got. Anyway, I mention this because she has posted the entire first issue of her comic Jin & Jam online for all of us to read. It’s really great and totally worth the $5 to own it in print.

Get Your Wallets Out!

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Both Top Shelf and Drawn and Quarterly are having big sales on at the moment! Over at Top Shelf they’ve slashed prices of graphic novels to US$1-$3!! I just spent $30 and have A STACK of comics including those pictured above.

And at Drawn and Quarterly they’re selling most of their stock with 40% off. Crazy. Now’s the time to catch up on all those Chester Brown issues you were missing, not to mention their other superstars such as Tomine, Seth, Clowes and Nilsen.

Half A Decade!

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We’ve been working hard to get Issue #5 out in time for the This Is Not Art Zine Fair which is being held in Newcastle on Oct 3. I haven’t seen Bryn for days, which means that he’s been hunched over his desk finishing up his comic. He’s told me that it features Godzilla, a giant pterodactyl (since when did this word have a ‘p’ in it?), the Beastie Boys and love. I’ve got the first page and it looks great! Check it out at the bottom of the post.

Robbie’s on deadline for his real job which is good for us because he’s been procrastinating by writing his Beef Knuckles stuff. He’s already sent me 1200 words about his favourite band La Casa Azul. And as usual I’m filling up my wallet with post-it to-do lists which make me worry every time I get my wallet out to buy a Wagon Wheel.

We’ve also got a whole bunch of other stuff coming out for this issue including a rather icy interview with Eddie Campbell and another Q&A with Anne Koyama from Koyama Press who we’ve featured on the blog before.

So check out the first page of Bryn’s comic below and also enjoy the vid of La Casa Azul’s track, ‘Como un Fan’.

And, if you guys are going to be at TINA come say hi! And if you aren’t able to get table space, let us know – I’m sure there’ll be space on ours for a few extra zines.

Mini Comic Of The Month Club – May

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The Mini Comic Of The Month Club is a ‘club’ that was started by a few Oz comic artists at the end of 2009. Each month an artist does a comic and it’s sent out to all the club members. That’s 12 artists, 12 comics, 12 months. Only 50 copies of each are produced and then each recipient sells their copy on eBay for a lot of money.

+++ +++

For May’s installment of The Mini Comic of The Month Club we received Ben Hutchings’ You Smell & Eye Don’t. It contains two pieces – the first is a conversation between Formula 1 driver Nigel Mansell and a boy on a street corner. The other is about packing mugs in the kitchen. Hope you like the shots below.

Zines I Done Bought Recently

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I’ve been meaning to put up some posts about zines I’ve bought recently, including those i got at the Canberra Zine fair…

Here are a few good zines I bought over the internets.

The Static Revolver #1

Cover of The Static Revolver #1

I came across Static Revolver while trying to get my hands on a comic called A Very Kraftwerk Summer.  Unfortunately the store I tried to purchase from had sold out of Kraftwerk Summer.  Thankfully they had a copy of Static Revolver #1.  What a great cover!  SR#1 is a large format comic, produced by Kevin Ward and Lord Hurk out of London.  Inside there are two comics, each with there own style and story.  First is ‘All Smiles’ by Kevin Ward.  It’s the story of a young dentist living on Enchanted Island, a place famous for a population with amazing teeth.  Laws have been put in place, on the island, banning sugar, to maintain the peoples pristine smiles.  However, not everyone agrees with this idea.  The art is great!  The pen and ink drawings give a nice feel of 19th century Europe.  There is a real sense of place in this comic.  Good stuff.

All Smiles

A bonus illustration by Kevin Ward

‘The Black Lagoon’ by Lord Hurk is the other comic in SR#1.  In ‘The Black Lagoon’, people from a small English town are mysteriously going missing.  Could it have something to do with the black lagoon?  I’d wager it does.  Again, great art.  Lord Hurk’s style is much more graphic than the work of Kevin Ward.  It’s a nice contrast.  Both comics together make The Static Revolver #1 a great buy.

The Black Lagoon

Vitamins and Exercise:  A Book Inspired by Tom Cruise

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this zine with my issue of The Static Revolver.  Holy shit!!  This comic is hilarious!  It was created by David Bailey.  It’s full colour and chock full of absurd, ironic Tom Cruise capers.   I know Rob would really like this.

Vitamins and Exercise

Vitamins and Exercise

I bought both these comics from a great online store, based in the UK, called GOOD GRIEF.  They have an amazing collection of zines and tapes for sale.  Worth checking out.

Milky Way Shuffle

I took a gamble on this comic because it’s put out by Koyama Press, the publisher who released two of my favourite comics of recent times, Lose #1 and #2 by Micheal DeForge.  I’m glad i did, Milky Way Shuffle is heaps of fun!  It’s about a nerd, Berwyn (remove the e,w and you’ve got my name) who gets invited to cool house party because he did the hosts homework all year.  Berwyn isn’t made welcome at the party until aliens kidnap all the girls and only he can save them.  Elio, the comic’s creator (he’s from Chicago), has an awesome style which is heavily influenced by Japanese comics.  It’s super cute and full of energy!  I even got a personalized drawing at the back of my comic!

Milky Way Shuffle

Milky Way Shuffle

Mily Way Shuffle

My personalised drawing!

2010 Canberra Zine Fair Wrap Up

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We had a great time at the 2010 Canberra Zine Fair last month! There were so many people both in front and behind the stalls and nearly every single one of them was lovely. That night Bryn took us all to a house party and it was so cold there was frost on the outdoor furniture by midnight! Here’s the loot I bagged over the weekend.

Hello Goodbye
This was a great little zine which I bought for a friend. The watercolours in this were great! I’ve given it away so I’m not sure where to grab a copy. Maybe at the next zine fair?

Okay On Doomsday
This mini comic was done by Melbourne comic artist Ben Hutchings. It’s great! I really love his stuff and was stoked to get this from the Sticky Institute crew.

Paper Tattoo
This was my favourite zine from the whole fair! I bought this from a dapper dude who wore a nice hat all day. He was also at the same party we went to that night and he was still wearing the hat.

A pocket full of PRINCE
What a great little fanzine! I think you can grab a copy if you email them at littlebeatszines @

Velvet Goldmine
Another really nice zine! Apparently it was completed just 2 hours before the fair started but you can’t tell. They are no contact deets on it but maybe they’ll be at the next zine fair too?

So that’s it. That’s what I got from Canberra. Bryn got a whole bunch too so hopefully he’ll post up soon as well.


Matsumoto Taiyo Week! Day 4

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Matsumoto Taiyo 松本大洋 is a Tokyo born manga-ka whose most famous mangas are Tekkon Kincreet (鉄コン筋クリート), Ping Pong, Number 5 and Gogo Monster (GOGOモンスター). We love him so much here at Beef Knuckles that we’re dedicating a whole week to him! Check out his shaky lines, super detailed cityscapes and awesome character design.

+++ +++

Aoi Haru (青い春 / Blue Spring) is a collection of short stories centered around a group of high school boys and the fights, jokes and games they get up to. I’ve been re-reading alot of Matsumoto in the lead up to this week and it’s actually the first time I’ve gone through all my Matsumoto comics back-to-back. I always thought of Matsumoto’s works as a celebration of youth but with these re-readings I don’t think that’s the case. After re-reading Aoi Haru and Ping Pong I feel like being young sucked. Really sucked. In one of the stories from Aoi Haru a kid gets shot in the face.

Anyway, maybe my reading into it is a reflection of my own headspace rather than an accurate description of Matsumoto’s works. You should check it out and decide for yourself. An English version of Aoi Haru was released by Viz as Blue Spring.

Check out more Matsumoto Taiyo Week posts here: day 1, day 2, day 3

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