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Harvey The 29th

Posted in Uncategorized by roburt on June 10, 2010

As anyone who knows me knows, I do everything in slow motion. So with that excuse, here’s my delayed reaction to last month’s MCA Zine Fair – it was fuckin’ great! I saw tons of sweet zines and a whole bunch of nice people that I didn’t talk to because I’m shy. Best of all, the best zine I scored on the day was actually placed right into my lazy hands. It’s called Harvey The 29th and is created by some talented dude who goes by the name, Tinman Johnson (who sounds like an old bluesman, yet has the immaculate penmanship of a teenage girl).

The zine has the style of classic George Herriman comics (Krazy Kat and Ignatz) or those wacky Merry Melodies cartoons from the ’30s (you can kinda hear Cab Calloway bellowing some reefer swing tune in the back of your head while you read it). It’s funny and weird and shot through with some nutty absurdity (eg: a great panel of Harvey playing ten-pin bowling with a skull and bones, and another of a bunch of skeletons playing poker at the bottom of a 10-foot grave). Highly recommended!