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Zines I Done Bought Recently

Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on August 5, 2010

I’ve been meaning to put up some posts about zines I’ve bought recently, including those i got at the Canberra Zine fair…

Here are a few good zines I bought over the internets.

The Static Revolver #1

Cover of The Static Revolver #1

I came across Static Revolver while trying to get my hands on a comic called A Very Kraftwerk Summer.  Unfortunately the store I tried to purchase from had sold out of Kraftwerk Summer.  Thankfully they had a copy of Static Revolver #1.  What a great cover!  SR#1 is a large format comic, produced by Kevin Ward and Lord Hurk out of London.  Inside there are two comics, each with there own style and story.  First is ‘All Smiles’ by Kevin Ward.  It’s the story of a young dentist living on Enchanted Island, a place famous for a population with amazing teeth.  Laws have been put in place, on the island, banning sugar, to maintain the peoples pristine smiles.  However, not everyone agrees with this idea.  The art is great!  The pen and ink drawings give a nice feel of 19th century Europe.  There is a real sense of place in this comic.  Good stuff.

All Smiles

A bonus illustration by Kevin Ward

‘The Black Lagoon’ by Lord Hurk is the other comic in SR#1.  In ‘The Black Lagoon’, people from a small English town are mysteriously going missing.  Could it have something to do with the black lagoon?  I’d wager it does.  Again, great art.  Lord Hurk’s style is much more graphic than the work of Kevin Ward.  It’s a nice contrast.  Both comics together make The Static Revolver #1 a great buy.

The Black Lagoon

Vitamins and Exercise:  A Book Inspired by Tom Cruise

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this zine with my issue of The Static Revolver.  Holy shit!!  This comic is hilarious!  It was created by David Bailey.  It’s full colour and chock full of absurd, ironic Tom Cruise capers.   I know Rob would really like this.

Vitamins and Exercise

Vitamins and Exercise

I bought both these comics from a great online store, based in the UK, called GOOD GRIEF.  They have an amazing collection of zines and tapes for sale.  Worth checking out.

Milky Way Shuffle

I took a gamble on this comic because it’s put out by Koyama Press, the publisher who released two of my favourite comics of recent times, Lose #1 and #2 by Micheal DeForge.  I’m glad i did, Milky Way Shuffle is heaps of fun!  It’s about a nerd, Berwyn (remove the e,w and you’ve got my name) who gets invited to cool house party because he did the hosts homework all year.  Berwyn isn’t made welcome at the party until aliens kidnap all the girls and only he can save them.  Elio, the comic’s creator (he’s from Chicago), has an awesome style which is heavily influenced by Japanese comics.  It’s super cute and full of energy!  I even got a personalized drawing at the back of my comic!

Milky Way Shuffle

Milky Way Shuffle

Mily Way Shuffle

My personalised drawing!