Beef Knuckles


Posted in Uncategorized by brynzo on June 17, 2010

After i posted about French publishing house Le Dernier Cri, I spent a bit of time looking at some of the artists they’ve published (in part figuring out which of their publications I wanted to buy).

French artist, Moolinex was one of the first to catch my eye.  I really liked his colourful mix of comic art, sexual imagery, 80’s iconography, abstract forms, collage and pop culture.  Even though his images are often chaotic, he’s an excellent draftsman and  has a great sense of design.

This dude is quite prolific too, he’s a visual artist; painter, sculptor, decorator and designer.  He’s also a musician, playing scuzzy lo-fi garage.  He performs with French garage band Magnetix.

Florence Beaugier describes Moolinex’s work as mix of “comic images, advertising, fashion, music, folk art, nothing escapes him, everything is swallowed and then regurgitated to feed the viewer with compelling images, all with a dark sense of humor. All mediums and materials  (type, collage, cutouts, painting, drawing, assembly, canvas, clothes) are used to serve not only an ironic and distanced iconography, but also show us the permanent and unavoidable issue that arises: how to build powerful images that are simple and funny?  And this, when dealing with  important topics like education, love, death, sex, rock and roll or 3rd Reich, makes the exercise all the more difficult.  His recipe? It is inexplicable, we can only distinguish a few ingredients, such as the ability to make the absurd outweigh the existential torment, his rejection of any form of censorship and complex view of complexity. Moolinex is fighting against the dogma, fatalism, and especially against intellectualism frantic plasticity and the aesthetics of today, more than resist, he argues, once again it opens a door.

Heavy.  I like his work though.  I think it’s cool.

You can buy Moolinex’s work from Le Dernier Cri here.