Beef Knuckles


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Zineology from Samuel Graham on Vimeo.

A few years ago Samuel Graham directed a mini-doco on the Melbourne zine culture at the time, filmed at the awesome Sticky Institute, right near Flinders St Station. Definitely an entertaining 13 minutes.


Congratulations Sticky!

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A big congratulations has to go out to Sticky Institute for stocking their 10,000th zine! As many of you know, Sticky is a Melbourne zine distro located in the depths of Flinders St. They’ve played a vital part in Australian zine history and the fact that they are up to 10,000 is nothing to sneeze at. I actually think that Sticky were the first distro to ever ask us to stock Beef Knuckles and to three nerds from Sydney, getting that email was and still is a very big deal.

So congrats Sticky, and here’s to 10,000 more!

I am typewriter

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We are nearly through Sticky’s I am Typewriter Festival which culminates in a big zine fair on Saturday 12. If you’re in Melbourne you should definitely check it out – there have been a bunch of zine launches and workshops with zinemakers from across Australia, including Vanessa Berry who had this to say about typewrites on her blog:

When I was a kid I loved typewriters in the same way I loved sewing machines – I liked the ribbon/thread running through them, and I liked to think of all the parts working together to make a complete machine. When I got a bit older I’d type out letters for my grandfather – to the council and the local paper – and imagine myself an efficient junior secretary. I didn’t get a computer until after I left high school, and when I typed essays for school I did so on an electric typewriter, so, for me, typewriters haven’t seemed particularly ‘retro’ until reasonably recently! I lived in a world in which all these things were still useful, a world of the past, which I guess is what happens when you grow up with your grandparents. Perhaps this is why the contemporary time never seemed to fit with me very well (even when new technology was the VHS player)